01.What is the #invisalign #SmileSquad?

02. Why should you participate in this programme?

03. How can Invisalign doctors get involved?

04. A summary of roles and responsibilities.

05. How we recruit.

06. Frequently asked questions.


What is the #Invisalign #SmileSquad?

What is the #invisalign #SmileSquad?

A diverse team of ambitious, forward thinking creators and influencers who believe better smiles have the power to create a better future.

For years, we’ve paired doctors with influencers for one reason – to help them achieve new, more beautiful smiles and share their Invisalign treatment experience with the world. Help us continue the movement by applying to treat #invisalign #SmileSquad members.


Why should you participate in this programme?

Once Align identifies a doctor-influencer match, Align will contact you. By participating in this programme you can expect:


  • Exposure to your practice from influencer via mentions.
  • Drive awareness for your practice. Showcase the craft and experience behind every smile with millions of people via influencer posts. Please note that mentions of you and your practice are at the discretion of the influencer.
  • National brand coverage.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to be featured on national Invisalign social media platforms for more awareness of your practice.*
  • Content shareability.
  • You have the ability to repost and share influencer content where you are mentioned. This depends on the legal restrictions within your market, please follow the guidelines of your local advertising authority.
  • No lab fee.
  • Align will provide a voucher code that covers Invisalign and Vivera lab fees for the influencer.


*Brand coverage varies depending on planned activities within the market and the legal landscape.


How can Invisalign doctors get involved?

Step 1

Apply here to treat influencers.

Step 2

Align will notify you if any influencers have elected to receive their Invisalign treatment from you. Their profile(s) will be shared with you for your consideration.

Step 3

Once you have agreed to treat the #invisalign #SmileSquad member, you will then enter the contract process with Align.

Step 4

Align will help you coordinate the initial consultation and send lab fee waiver codes for comprehensive treatment.
Do not lose this code!

Step 5

The influencer will attend the initial consultation with you. Please confirm they are suitable for treatment, then submit the voucher code with the influencer’s prescription.


A summary of roles and responsibilities.

Our role in the programme

What we expect from our Invisalign doctors

The #invisalign #SmileSquad.

We ensure that #invisalign #SmileSquad members are true ambassadors, able to represent both you and us in a meaningful and authentic way.

An excellent treatment plan and patient experience from start to finish. Just like you do with every patient.

Our #invisalign #SmileSquad inspire their audience to realise the power of a straighter smile.

We educate influencers about teeth straightening using clear aligners and the Invisalign system.

To deliver an amazing patient experience throughout their treatment journey, supporting them in their smile transformation.

They will create and post social media content (Instagram stories, YouTube videos etc.) about their own Invisalign treatment journey that is aligned to our brand values.

We will waive the lab fees for both Invisalign treatment and Vivera retainers.


Dental treatment that falls outside of the Invisalign products is not covered by Align.

Waive the chair time fees of the #invisalign #SmileSquad member. This means no charge to the patient or Invisalign.

The #invisalign #SmileSquad will share their authentic experiences including:

  • Motivation to start treatment
  • The Invisalign treatment process
  • iTero digital scanner
  • How and why aligners suit their lifestyle
  • Their feelings before, during and after treatment
  • Importance of their doctor in the process
  • Impressions about their doctor, clinic and clinic staff
  • How their doctor and Invisalign transformed their smile and improved their self-confidence

We want to ensure that the #invisalign #SmileSquad programme is compliant, decent, honest and truthful. Therefore, we require our participants to comply with their local advertising regulations by disclosing all necessary required information.

Disclose upfront that you are in a relationship with Align Technology and/or disclose if you are sponsoring the Influencer's Invisalign treatment. If the influencer requires any additional treatment identified by the Invisalign doctor, or requested by the influencer themselves, that falls outside of the Align product portfolio (Invisalign and Vivera), this needs to be discussed with Align and agreed at the consultation stage.

The #invisalign #SmileSquad are permitted to mention the name of their Invisalign doctor or clinic, as long as the doctor has given them permission to do so.

We stay in close contact to inspire and motivate our influencers. We monitor content and its performance closely, so that we can continue to improve the programme.

Keep Invisalign informed of updates after any appointments or communication.

We will provide regular updates on the performance of the #invisalign #SmileSquad and your dedicated influencers.

Keep an eye on your inbox for regular updates.


How we select members for the #SmileSquad.

Applications are open all year round on our dedicated website www.invisalignsmilesquad.com

We are currently acquiring members from the following countries:

UK & Ireland



The Netherlands


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

We are looking for motivated people who can identify with our brand values.

We value commitment, passion and authenticity. We don't just want to increase our number of followers.


Frequently asked questions.


How many influencers can I treat?

Influencers embarking on their smile journey select an Invisalign doctor of their choice. You can treat a maximum of 3 influencers for the duration of their treatment, or for multiple doctors in a specific clinic, a maximum of 5.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, but only if the influencer chooses you and is suitable for treatment. You will be required to enter into an agreement with Align Technology to provide treatment to the patient.

If the influencer who chose me does not correspond to my expectations, can I still remain involved in the programme and treat another influencer instead?

We will let you know if there will be new influencers in your area who would like to be treated by you.

Can I get paid for my services or materials, x-rays, etc.?

For the purpose of this partnership we would like to ask you to absorb your costs while we waive the Invisalign and Vivera lab fees.

What happens if I don’t feel clinically comfortable treating the influencer?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not believe you can treat the patient.

In how many posts can I be mentioned?

Inflencers create content about their own treatment experience, so it’s up to them to tag you whenever they feel it is most relevant.

Can I use the content to promote myself/my practice?

You can repost/reshare the content using platform functionality, provided you have obtained prior written consent from the influencer. Please refer to the recommended guidelines provided to you on this topic.

Can I create content for the practice with the influencer?

This is a matter between you and the influencer, as we cannot advise on separate activities with the influencer. We encourage you to speak directly with your influencer.

What happens if the influencer is not happy?

Influencers are encouraged to reach out to us to discuss the reasons why they are not happy with their treatment, so that we can look together for solutions.

I already treat(ed) interested patients. Can they get involved?

Please encourage them to visit www.invisalignsmilesquad.com to apply.